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The final program is announced. We look forward to welcoming all the invited speakers and participants at IISER Mohali.


The poster judges will visit your posters according to the following schedule
(please be present at your poster as the following):

  • December 9: Poster number P001 - P040
  • December 10: Poster number P041 - P080
  • December 11: Poster number P081 - P111
Only students and postdocs are eligible for poster awards.

Poster details:

  • The poster sessions are scheduled on December 9, 10 and 11 from 2 pm to 4 pm.
  • All posters will be up for display at all times on all four days (December 9-12).
  • Poster size (max): 107 cm x 107 cm (3 ft 6 in x 3 ft 6 in)
  • Poster venue: Second floor (level 2) of Lecture Hall Complex, IISER Mohali
  • Posters should be mounted in the morning of December 9 and should be removed in the afternoon of December 12.
  • Poster mounting materials such as pushpins will be provided.
  • Before mounting your poster, you are requested to look at your poster board number (see below) and in the abstract book that will be provided in the registration packet.
  • We would appreciate if you could kindly put your cell phone on silent mode during poster session.
  • We would like to request you NOT to click pictures of others posters.
  • We will post some representative pictures of poster sessions on our twitter/website.
  • There will be some poster awards for students/postdocs. Soon we will send these details via email.

Poster # Name Type Institution Application ID
P001Karishma Bhasne StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0005
P002Ashutosh KumarFacultyIIT BombayIDP/17/0009
P003Rajanish GiriFacultyIIT MandiIDP/17/0010
P004Suman DePostdocUniv. Cambridge, UKIDP/17/0011
P005Rajlaxmi Panigrahi StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0015
P006Nidhi Kundu StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0016
P007Joshna Gadhavi StudentIIT GandhinagarIDP/17/0018
P009Ambuja Navalkar StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0020
P010Sandip Karmakar StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0021
P011Vishal Srivastava StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0022
P012Sneha Vishwanath StudentIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0023
P013Surabhi Mehra StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0024
P014Anubhuti Singh StudentTechnical Univ. Munich, GermanyIDP/17/0025
P015Anupam JhaFacultyTezpur UniversityIDP/17/0027
P016Soumav Nath StudentIISER KolkataIDP/17/0028
P017Soumik Ray StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0029
P018Sandipan DuttaPostdocInstitute for Basic Science, S. KoreaIDP/17/0030
P019Debodyuti Mondal StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0031
P020Devanshu Mehta StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0032
P021Benita Jebarupa StudentSt. John’s Res. Inst. BangaloreIDP/17/0033
P022Bakul Piplani StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0034
P023Rakesh kumar StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0035
P024Ganesh Mohite StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0037
P025Dipita Bhattacharyya StudentBose Institute, KolkataIDP/17/0039
P026Neha JainPostdocUniv. Michigan, USAIDP/17/0041
P027Dominic NarangPostdocUC San Diego, USAIDP/17/0043
P028Pravin Hivare StudentIIT GandhinagarIDP/17/0044
P029Vipul Kumar StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0045
P030Ritobrita Chakraborty StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0046
P031Jennifer Joseph StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0049
P032Debdeep Chatterjee StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0051
P033Shayon Bhattacharya StudentUniv. Limerick, IrelandIDP/17/0052
P034Chris MacRaildFacultyMonash Univ., AustraliaIDP/17/0054
P035Himani Tandon StudentIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0055
P036Soundhararajan Gopi StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0056
P037Prabakaran Ramakrishnan StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0057
P038Alexandre G. de BrevernFacultyINSERM Paris, FranceIDP/17/0058
P039Tarun JaiRaj Narwani StudentINSERM Paris, FranceIDP/17/0059
P040Sourav Chowdhury StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0062
P041Rizwan KhanFacultyAMU AligarhIDP/17/0063
P042Bappaditya Chandra StudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0064
P043Dinesh KumarFacultyCBMR LucknowIDP/17/0065
P044Ambuj Srivastava StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0067
P045Ravichandran Vignesh StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0068
P046Mohd Ziauddin Ansari StudentIIT GuwahatiIDP/17/0069
P047Amrita Kundu StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0071
P048Harish Kumar StudentNCBS BangaloreIDP/17/0072
P049Deeksha Pandey StudentUniv. DelhiIDP/17/0073
P050Anjali Garg StudentUniv. DelhiIDP/17/0074
P051Priyanka Dogra StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0078
P052Sandeep K SharmaFacultyCSIR-IITR LucknowIDP/17/0079
P053Reema Kathuria StudentIISE MohaliIDP/17/0082
P054Aishwarya Agarwal StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0083
P055Tulika Srivastava StudentCSIR-IITR LucknowIDP/17/0086
P056Sandeep Kumar StudentCentral Univ. PunjabIDP/17/0088
P057Bandana Kumari StudentUniv. DelhiIDP/17/0092
P058Bhupesh GoyalFacultyThapar University, PatialaIDP/17/0094
P059Priyanka Singh StudentJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0095
P060Arnab Bandyopadhyay StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0096
P061Pushpendra Mani Mishra StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0097
P062Hema Swasthi StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0098
P063Geetika Verma StudentJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0099
P064Baskar BakthavachaluPostdocNCBS BangaloreIDP/17/0100
P065Dileep Ahari StudentIIT GuwahatiIDP/17/0101
P066Priyanka Madhu StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0102
P067Debapriya Das StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0104
P068Anupa MajumdarPostdocIISER MohaliIDP/17/0105
P069Panuganti Venkataharsha StudentNIPER MohaliIDP/17/0106
P070Sneha Munshi StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0107
P071V L S Prasad BurraFacultyAmity UniversityIDP/17/0109
P072Abhinav NathFacultyUniv. Washington, Seattle, USAIDP/17/0110
P073Shivali Rawat StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0111
P074Shemin Mansuri StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0112
P075Rakhi Yadav StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0113
P076Sarita Puri StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0114
P077Kanchan GaraiFacultyTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0116
P078Kundlik Gadhave StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0117
P079Soumya DeFacultyIIT KharagpurIDP/17/0118
P080Sasirekha Narayanasamy StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0119
P081Ankur Singh StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0120
P082Deepak Kumar StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0121
P083Sharad GuptaFacultyIIT GandhinagarIDP/17/0122
P084Gayathri PananghatFacultyIISER PuneIDP/17/0124
P085Dushyant K GargPostdocJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0126
P086Ashima Sharma StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0127
P087Bankanidhi SahooPostdocTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0128
P088Ashutosh Singh StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0129
P089Namrata SinghPostdocIIT BombayIDP/17/0130
P090Anusha Valpadashi StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0131
P091Anupam ChakravartyPostdocStanford UniversityIDP/17/0132
P092Ankur kumar StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0133
P093Nitin Sharma StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0134
P094Aakanksha Singh StudentJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0136
P095Kamalika Banerjee StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0137
P096Michael Fealey StudentUniv. Minnesota, USAIDP/17/0138
P097Shana Elbaum-GarfinklePostdocPrinceton University, USAIDP/17/0139
P098Shamasree GhoshStudentTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0141
P099Subhrajyoti DolaiStudentTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0142
P100Priyanka JoshiPostdocUniv. Cambridge, UKIDP/17/0143
P101Unnatiben Rajeshbhai PatelStudentIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0145
P102Sourav Singha RoyPostdocJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0147
P103Jay Kant YadavFacultyCentral Univ. RajasthanIDP/17/0152
P104Simli DeyStudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0158
P105Anirban DasStudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0159
P106Barun K. MaityStudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0160
P107Nilesh K. AgheraFacultyIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0165
P108Aritra ChowdhuryStudentEMBL HeidelbergIDP/17/0170
P109Arpit GuptaStudentIMTECH ChandigarhIDP/17/0172


  • Notification of Acceptance
    July 15, 2017
  • Registration deadline
    August 15, 2017


  • Prof. Christopher Dobson will be giving the EMBO Keynote Lecture.
  • The Company of Biologists provided meeting support.
  • Our meeting is on the Nature Events website.
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry (ACS) will be giving the best poster awards.
  • The Biophysical Society will be giving the best poster awards.
  • Now we have the final list of participants.
  • Program is announced.