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Program is announced.   The conference is now oversubscribed.


Poster details:

  • The poster sessions are scheduled on December 9, 10 and 11 from 2 pm to 4 pm.
  • All posters will be up for display at all times on all four days (December 9-12).
  • Poster size (max): 107 cm x 107 cm (3 ft 6 in x 3 ft 6 in)
  • Poster venue: Second floor (level 2) of Lecture Hall Complex, IISER Mohali
  • Posters should be mounted in the morning of December 9 and should be removed in the afternoon of December 12.
  • Poster mounting materials such as pushpins will be provided.
  • Before mounting your poster, you are requested to look at your poster board number (see below) and in the abstract book that will be provided in the registration packet.
  • We would appreciate if you could kindly put your cell phone on silent mode during poster session.
  • We would like to request you NOT to click pictures of others posters.
  • We will post some representative pictures of poster sessions on our twitter/website.
  • There will be some poster awards for students/postdocs. Soon we will send these details via email.

Poster # Name Type Institution Application ID
P001Karishma Bhasne StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0005
P002Ashutosh KumarFacultyIIT BombayIDP/17/0009
P003Rajanish GiriFacultyIIT MandiIDP/17/0010
P004Suman DePostdocUniv. Cambridge, UKIDP/17/0011
P005Rajlaxmi Panigrahi StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0015
P006Nidhi Kundu StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0016
P007Joshna Gadhavi StudentIIT GandhinagarIDP/17/0018
P009Ambuja Navalkar StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0020
P010Sandip Karmakar StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0021
P011Vishal Srivastava StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0022
P012Sneha Vishwanath StudentIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0023
P013Surabhi Mehra StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0024
P014Anubhuti Singh StudentTechnical Univ. Munich, GermanyIDP/17/0025
P015Anupam JhaFacultyTezpur UniversityIDP/17/0027
P016Soumav Nath StudentIISER KolkataIDP/17/0028
P017Soumik Ray StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0029
P018Sandipan DuttaPostdocInstitute for Basic Science, S. KoreaIDP/17/0030
P019Debodyuti Mondal StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0031
P020Devanshu Mehta StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0032
P021Benita Jebarupa StudentSt. John’s Res. Inst. BangaloreIDP/17/0033
P022Bakul Piplani StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0034
P023Rakesh kumar StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0035
P024Ganesh Mohite StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0037
P025Dipita Bhattacharyya StudentBose Institute, KolkataIDP/17/0039
P026Neha JainPostdocUniv. Michigan, USAIDP/17/0041
P027Dominic NarangPostdocUC San Diego, USAIDP/17/0043
P028Pravin Hivare StudentIIT GandhinagarIDP/17/0044
P029Vipul Kumar StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0045
P030Ritobrita Chakraborty StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0046
P031Jennifer Joseph StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0049
P032Debdeep Chatterjee StudentIIT BombayIDP/17/0051
P033Shayon Bhattacharya StudentUniv. Limerick, IrelandIDP/17/0052
P034Chris MacRaildFacultyMonash Univ., AustraliaIDP/17/0054
P035Himani Tandon StudentIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0055
P036Soundhararajan Gopi StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0056
P037Prabakaran Ramakrishnan StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0057
P038Alexandre G. de BrevernFacultyINSERM Paris, FranceIDP/17/0058
P039Tarun JaiRaj Narwani StudentINSERM Paris, FranceIDP/17/0059
P040Sourav Chowdhury StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0062
P041Rizwan KhanFacultyAMU AligarhIDP/17/0063
P042Bappaditya Chandra StudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0064
P043Dinesh KumarFacultyCBMR LucknowIDP/17/0065
P044Ambuj Srivastava StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0067
P045Ravichandran Vignesh StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0068
P046Mohd Ziauddin Ansari StudentIIT GuwahatiIDP/17/0069
P047Amrita Kundu StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0071
P048Harish Kumar StudentNCBS BangaloreIDP/17/0072
P049Deeksha Pandey StudentUniv. DelhiIDP/17/0073
P050Anjali Garg StudentUniv. DelhiIDP/17/0074
P051Priyanka Dogra StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0078
P052Sandeep K SharmaFacultyCSIR-IITR LucknowIDP/17/0079
P053Reema Kathuria StudentIISE MohaliIDP/17/0082
P054Aishwarya Agarwal StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0083
P055Tulika Srivastava StudentCSIR-IITR LucknowIDP/17/0086
P056Sandeep Kumar StudentCentral Univ. PunjabIDP/17/0088
P057Bandana Kumari StudentUniv. DelhiIDP/17/0092
P058Bhupesh GoyalFacultyThapar University, PatialaIDP/17/0094
P059Priyanka Singh StudentJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0095
P060Arnab Bandyopadhyay StudentIICB KolkataIDP/17/0096
P061Pushpendra Mani Mishra StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0097
P062Hema Swasthi StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0098
P063Geetika Verma StudentJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0099
P064Baskar BakthavachaluPostdocNCBS BangaloreIDP/17/0100
P065Dileep Ahari StudentIIT GuwahatiIDP/17/0101
P066Priyanka Madhu StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0102
P067Debapriya Das StudentIISER MohaliIDP/17/0104
P068Anupa MajumdarPostdocIISER MohaliIDP/17/0105
P069Panuganti Venkataharsha StudentNIPER MohaliIDP/17/0106
P070Sneha Munshi StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0107
P071V L S Prasad BurraFacultyAmity UniversityIDP/17/0109
P072Abhinav NathFacultyUniv. Washington, Seattle, USAIDP/17/0110
P073Shivali Rawat StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0111
P074Shemin Mansuri StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0112
P075Rakhi Yadav StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0113
P076Sarita Puri StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0114
P077Kanchan GaraiFacultyTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0116
P078Kundlik Gadhave StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0117
P079Soumya DeFacultyIIT KharagpurIDP/17/0118
P080Sasirekha Narayanasamy StudentIIT MadrasIDP/17/0119
P081Ankur Singh StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0120
P082Deepak Kumar StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0121
P083Sharad GuptaFacultyIIT GandhinagarIDP/17/0122
P084Gayathri PananghatFacultyIISER PuneIDP/17/0124
P085Dushyant K GargPostdocJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0126
P086Ashima Sharma StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0127
P087Bankanidhi SahooPostdocTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0128
P088Ashutosh Singh StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0129
P089Namrata SinghPostdocIIT BombayIDP/17/0130
P090Anusha Valpadashi StudentCCMB HyderabadIDP/17/0131
P091Anupam ChakravartyPostdocStanford UniversityIDP/17/0132
P092Ankur kumar StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0133
P093Nitin Sharma StudentIIT MandiIDP/17/0134
P094Aakanksha Singh StudentJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0136
P095Kamalika Banerjee StudentIIT DelhiIDP/17/0137
P096Michael Fealey StudentUniv. Minnesota, USAIDP/17/0138
P097Shana Elbaum-GarfinklePostdocPrinceton University, USAIDP/17/0139
P098Shamasree GhoshStudentTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0141
P099Subhrajyoti DolaiStudentTCIS-TIFR HyderabadIDP/17/0142
P100Priyanka JoshiPostdocUniv. Cambridge, UKIDP/17/0143
P101Unnatiben Rajeshbhai PatelStudentIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0145
P102Sourav Singha RoyPostdocJNU New DelhiIDP/17/0147
P103Jay Kant YadavFacultyCentral Univ. RajasthanIDP/17/0152
P104Simli DeyStudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0158
P105Anirban DasStudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0159
P106Barun K. MaityStudentTIFR MumbaiIDP/17/0160
P107Nilesh K. AgheraFacultyIISc BangaloreIDP/17/0165
P108Aritra ChowdhuryStudentEMBL HeidelbergIDP/17/0170
P109Arpit GuptaStudentIMTECH ChandigarhIDP/17/0172


  • Notification of Acceptance
    July 15, 2017
  • Registration deadline
    August 15, 2017


  • Prof. Christopher Dobson will be giving the EMBO Keynote Lecture.
  • The Company of Biologists provided meeting support.
  • Our meeting is on the Nature Events website.
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry (ACS) will be giving the best poster awards.
  • The Biophysical Society will be giving the best poster awards.
  • Now we have the final list of participants.
  • Program is announced.